Mar 16, 2023 . 7:52am

VSOptima Joins the Digital Twin Consortium

VSOptima Member of Digital Twin Consortium

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VSOptima Inc., a leading operations digital twin platform, announced today its membership in the Digital Twin Consortium. The Digital Twin Consortium brings together experts from industry, government, and academia to advance the development and interoperability of digital twin technology. As a consortium member, VSOptima is excited to collaborate with industry leaders, technology experts, and academic institutions to drive the evolution and adoption of digital twin technologies.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, companies face unprecedented challenges that can only be addressed with digital twin technologies. These challenges include improving the resilience of supply chain and logistics operations while maintaining inventory levels, optimizing hospital resource schedules to improve patient care and caregiver workload, and orchestrating robotic process automation to enhance the customer journey across multiple products, and the list can go on. VSOptima's SaaS platform creates a virtual model of a company's operations, providing real-time operations performance status and predictive insights to empower operations leaders to make faster, better-informed optimization decisions than their competitors.

"We are thrilled to join the Digital Twin Consortium and collaborate with leading experts to advance the capabilities and benefits of digital twins across various industries," said Pavel Azaletskiy, CEO of VSOptima. "We look forward to working alongside other members to  drive significant advancements in digital twin technologies in the field of operations and process management."

GM & CTO of Digital Twin Consortium, Dan Isaacs,  said, “VSOptima is a welcome addition to Digital Twin Consortium. We’re looking forward to leveraging their experience in operations and process management as we accelerate the adoption of digital twins.

VSOptima Member of Digital Twin Consortium

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