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Operational Excellence Consulting

Operational Excellence Consulting

Operational Excellence Consulting

Improve performance
of your operations

  1. Speed & Effectiveness
  2. Organizational alignment
  3. Superior engineering experience
  4. Culture of excellence

Socio-Technical Systems

Operational Excellence Consulting : social and digital systems

What Is a Socio-Technical System?

A system that involve a complex interaction between humans, technology systems, and the environment

High performing organizations operate in three dimensions social construct of organization, technology capabilities enabling people to do more with less, and value stream orchestration that harmonizes organizational value with the environment and customers.


Organizational Topology

Analysis and design of an organizational structure that is aligned with the value stream and balanced with the demand

Financial Performance

Analyze financial performance of you organization using activity-based costing and throughput accounting methods


Build the current state value stream model to reveal the performance issues


Redesign the value stream structure according to your objectives - throughput, time to market, cost, etc. 

Digital Twin

Design and build a digital twin of your operations, accelerating operations/processes innovation

operations digital twin

Analysis and Design

Embrace new organization paradigm blending social and digital systems together

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