Embrace new organization paradigm blending social and digital systems together

Socio-technical system analysis and design

Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on digital products. We trust autopilot systems in planes and cars; doctors rely on healthcare systems to prescribe treatments; money has given way to cryptocurrencies, and the list goes on. An organization with its social structure, culture, and values stands behind every digital product. Understanding that a technological system does not exist independent of social systems helps us better understand the principles of system evolution, system contradictions, and possible avenues for improvement.

Socio-technical system analysis and design is a comprehensive, holistic end-to-end service where we produce unique blueprints covering organizational structure, technology capabilities, and value stream, orchestrating the value delivery for your customers. Our service is unique since we rely on fundamental system evolution laws, digital product evolution laws, theory of innovative problem solving, and operations research.

Operational Excellence Consulting : social and digital systems