operations digital twin

Digital Twin of Operations

The model of organization operations that reveals performance issues, predicting future performance, and enable continuous optimization.

A Digital twin is virtual representations of physical objects, operations/processes, or combinations of both. The near real-time connectivity between the physical and digital worlds transforms how we monitor, control, and manage equipment, systems, and operations/processes shifting from a reactive to a proactive paradigm.

The operations/processes model connected to the data layer creates a mirror of reality. Once built, a digital twin can be used multiple times in future improvement cycles, eliminating the time required to capture the process's current state. You will always have an up-to-date process state. 

The digital twin accelerates the decision-making process in several folds because you can play out and compare the impact of different improvement scenarios and their returns. Moreover, you can explore the impact of external events on your operations and proactively mitigate the adverse effects.

With digital twin you can answer the following questions:

  • what happened? – describe, and explore the state of the process at any given moment.
  • why did it happen? – since you have a functional simulation model you can spot performance issues (lack of capacity, queue size, WIP etc).
  • what is going to happen? – make a change and play the simulation exploring the change’s implications.
  • what action should be taken? – Given your objectives, let’s say speed, cost, or inventory size, you can optimize and fine-tune the process accordingly.

Implementation considerations:
Begin with the end in mind: Ask yourself what form of improved situation awareness you want your digital twin to deliver. And if your digital twin should automate your business response?

Life cycle beyond “once-and-done”: Ensure your digital twin design includes regular (preferably automated) updates as physical changes occur to the twinned thing during its life cycle.

We help you to create a digital twin of your operations so you can innovate faster

operations digital twin

Digital Twin alleviates and removes the necessity to repeat AS-IS analysis and speeds up the improvement of decision-making.

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